Shortly after buying his first Duke in 2000 the owner Glenn Adams became fascinated by not only the quality of construction but the amazing performance envelope surrounding this aircraft.  Shortly after joining the Duke Flyer’s Association and diving head first into this wonderful organization a survey was taken amongst its owners.   What was concluded was one of the largest contributing factors that took away from a pleasurable ownership experience with the Duke was not having a knowledgeable shop performing the maintenance.   There are very few shops that can or will maintain them.  With this understood and with the fact that Royal Air was being forced to put in a maintenance facility to qualify to be a FBO, we decided to focus all of our efforts towards Duke maintenance and help fill that void. This was accomplished with the hopes of becoming one of the best Duke shops around and doing our part to help keep this wonderful aircraft from ending up on the endangered species list.

Royal Air performs annual inspections, pre-purchase inspections and even complete refurbishment.  Our mechanics are knowlegable of the aircraft and its systems and we take pride in our work.  Call us for a quote today.

Whether it is an annual inspection, pre-buy inspection or just trouble shooting hard to diagnose problems, the staff at Royal Air can assist you with all of your maintenance nee